Submit: How To & Guidelines

DEADLINE EXTENDED!!! Submissions for Fall 2022 will be open from October 17th to December 18th!

The 2022-23 submissions inbox is now open! See below for guidelines and instructions.

General Guidelines and Information 

  • There is no submission fee!
  • Do not submit written work in a PDF.
  • Please erase any mention of your name/other identifying information from your work before submitting.
    • Your name will be added to your work during the publication process, but in order to keep judgement anonymous and unbiased, we cannot have any names present on the work while it is being judged.
  • All students are allowed five submissions. If more than five submissions are received from one artist, only the first five will be accepted. 
  • Submit all pieces exactly as you expect the editors to review them. Do not expect to be able to make changes to the pieces once they are submitted.
  • All work is to be submitted electronically.
  • All accepted music and film submissions will be published on the Cellar Roots website and/or YouTube. However, selected frames from film submissions and lyrics can be incorporated into the hard-copy magazine. 
  • Work containing disturbing or graphic content should be tagged with a warning.
    • Examples include: Extreme violence, sexual themes, rape/non-con, intense gore, self-harm, etc.

Genre Specific Submission Guidelines

Please see this document for additional guidelines on how to submit your specific piece. As always, please send all inquiries to: