Who We Are

Cellar Roots is Eastern Michigan University’s award-winning fine arts magazine. We are a student-run organization, so any EMU undergraduate student can join the Cellar Roots team!

What We Do

Every academic year, Cellar Roots publishes a collection of various EMU student art and literary works. During each publishing cycle, artists can submit their work to Cellar Roots to be considered for publication.

Some History

Established in 1971, the purpose of Cellar Roots is to provide students an accessible vehicle for publishing their work. Since it lost university funding in 2012, Cellar Roots has been working very hard to rebuild itself. It is still completely unfunded and student run, but that is changing! The 2023-2024 publication year promises to be big for the magazine. 

“Students with these varying backgrounds should have a magazine whose name has something in common with all. The “Roots” symbolizes the deep growth and natural expansion that is creativity. The “Cellar” is the man-made thing that comes closest to the roots.”
-Warren Brown, 1971 Cellar Roots Editor-in-Chief